#WatchHungerStop: The mission continues with Michael Kors & SSI in partnership with Children’s Hour

PASIG CITY, Philippines, 17 July 2019 — Over 70 children from the Christian Mission Service Philippines (CMSP), spent their Monday morning with volunteers from The SSI Group to celebrate Nutrition Month, in line with Michael Kors’ mission for the #WatchHungerStop movement.

Children of the CMSP Daycare Center in Pasig together with volunteers of The SSI Group.

#WatchHungerStop has been Michael Kors' effort and mission in reaching out to local communities that are in need. Since 2014, Michael Kors has been a partner of Children’s Hour in raising hunger awareness nationwide. This year, the partnership continues, and SSI has chosen to support Kids Attaining Optimum Nutrition (KAON), a holistic dietary feeding program under the foundation’s health and nutrition thrust that provides nutritional meals to undernourished children for them to reach their normal health status and development.

One of our partners under the KAON project is the CMSP Center in Pasig, which serves as a daycare facility for nursery kids. The CMSP Center caters to the urban poor community and indigent families who do not have enough resources to send their children to school.

SSI employees dedicates their working hours, not only through the One Hour Campaign, but also to volunteer and share their time with the little ones.

To celebrate Nutrition Month this July, the volunteers had an art activity with the child beneficiaries to teach and remind them the importance of making healthy choices and eating nutritious food. A vegetable gardening activity also took place to educate the children how they can produce and grow their own sustainable source of nutritious food in their school backyard.

“Mondays are usually the busiest day of the week in our office, but we’re so grateful for everyone’s commitment in sharing their precious time to join us in this activity,”shares Ms. Diorella Tan, Associate Merchandise Manager of The SSI Group.

Capping off the outreach activity, volunteers from The SSI Group donated personal hygiene kits, children’s books, grocery items, and cleaning materials to the CMSP Center.

For four years now, SSI has been teaming up with Children’s Hour to walk hand-in-hand with the relentless dedication of Michael Kors to bring world hunger to an end.

Children’s Hour envisions a nation where Filipino children have access to their basic rights, such as the right to adequate nutrition. Children’s Hour believes that by providing proper nourishment, children are given the right to live a happy, safe and fulfilling future. With your continuous support, Children’s Hour can help more children to achieve their dreams.

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