“Get Up for Kids!”celebrates Children’s Month with Children’s Hour

MANDALUYONG, Philippines, 09 November 2019 — Volunteers from GOLDEN ABC, Inc. (GABC) celebrated Children’s Month with the children of Alay Pag-asa Christian Foundation, Inc. (Alay Pag-asa) in Mandaluyong City.

Participants for the Get Up for Kids! Volunteer activity in Alay Pag-asa (In photo: Volunteers from GABC, Children’s Hour team, and Alay Pag-asa child beneficiaries).

Now on its 5th month of its series of friends-raising activities, GABC mobilized 30 employees to spend their Saturday morning volunteering to serve and spend time with 50 child beneficiaries of Children’s Hour in Alay Pag-asa.

To celebrate Children’s Month, the volunteers taught the kids the importance of kindness and good character through a story-telling activity. The children were taught common courtesies that should be practiced in various settings: on the street, in the toilet, in the movies or cinemas, on the table or during meals, and online. Fun activities and games followed after to check how well the kids learned from the story-telling activity.

Good manners, proper etiquette, and life values are important lessons that should be taught to our children. These lessons will shape their character and what they will become in the future.

The activity concluded with a feeding program which the volunteers from GABC assisted in serving to the children. Birthday celebrants for the month of November were also recognized and were given birthday cupcakes.

Children eat the nutritious lunch prepared for them after their activities.

Mr. Ted Belza, Jr., the Vice President for Human Capital Management of Golden ABC shared the purpose behind why they continue to mobilize their employees as part of the development of their human resources, “The organizations and teams we’ve partnered with have the same vision as our company. Our visions are aligned. We are holistic. Ang tingin namin sa empleyado ay hindi lamang basta empleyado [We do not look at our employess as merely employees], but also a part of a family and a team. Kaya yung formation sa GABC ay hindi lamang puro trabaho, may mga volunteer opportunities rin [That’s why GABC’s formation is not entirely for work, but we also include volunteer opportunities].”

He also thanked the volunteers for sacrificing one of their weekends to join this activity. “Your presence with us is already an inspiration for the children and we want them to be the best they can be with the positive experience they will have today. Each of us are fulfilling our purpose, which is to inspire greatness to these children, and at the same time, we inspire ourselves along the way,” he added.

Golden ABC and Children’s Hour have been partners since early 2000. Hand in hand, these organizations work together to provide quality education, proper health and nutrition, and child protection to Filipino children nationwide.

Children’s Hour envisions a nation where Filipino children have access to their basic rights, such as the right to education, which will allow them to enjoy a happy, safe, and fulfilling future. This is achieved with the help of the foundation’s One Hour Campaign, where they invite individuals and companies to donate at least an hour’s worth of their annual salary. With your continuous support, Children’s Hour can help more children nationwide to achieve their dreams.

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