Nurturing creative little hands and minds

MAKATI CITY, Philippines, 17 June 2019 — Children’s Hour beneficiaries from Virlanie Foundation enhance their artistic skills with the help of Get Devs Asia, Inc. (Get Devs) first friends-raising engagement.

Get Devs volunteers interact with child beneficiaries from Virlanie in a watercolor painting activity.

Get Devs began its partnership with Children’s Hour when they participated in our First Hour Campaign. The employees of GetDevs donated the first hour of their annual salary for 2019 that will support the foundation’s various projects. Get Devs also pledged to conduct friends-raising activities with our child beneficiaries to extend their support to the foundation’s mission.

During Get Devs’ first friends-raising activity with Children’s Hour, the volunteers spent their day with our beneficiaries from the Babies and Toddlers Home in Virlanie. This home provides holistic care for children 0-3 years old and provides art classes and play sessions for their developmental and social needs.

Volunteers participated in a watercolor painting activity which excited the kids and put their creative hands and minds to work. The volunteers helped them color the drawings, teaching them what the drawings represented and suggested what colors to use.

They also helped during snack time and played with the children in the home’s playground. Smiles could be seen on both the children’s and the volunteer’s faces.

Representatives from Get Devs Asia Inc., Virlanie Foundation, and Children’s Hour spend time with the children of the Virlanie Babies & Toddlers Home.

Children’s Hour envisions a nation where Filipino children have access to their basic rights, such as the right to protection, which will allow them to enjoy a happy, safe, and fulfilling future. This is achieved with the help of the foundation’s One Hour Campaign, where they invite individuals and companies to donate at least an hour’s worth of their annual salary. With your continuous support, Children’s Hour can help more children nationwide to achieve their dreams.

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