How we've grown as Champions for Children

Today, we celebrate our foundation day! We remember how Children's Hour began and how we've grown to help Filipino children live a happy, safe, and fulfilling future.

Here's a look back on our story and of what we've achieved through the collaborative effort of our Children's Hour Champions for Filipino children nationwide.

The beginnings of Children's Hour

1999: The Children's Promise Campaign

Remember the millennium bug or Y2K? There was a fear that all computers would break down, causing an apocalypse in the year 2000.

To put a positive spin on the problem, Former Chair of Marks & Spencers Sir Richard Greenbury, Former UK Prime Minister Tony Blair, and the New Millennium Company initiated a fundraising campaign called The Children's Promise.

It had a simple plan of action: Each individual, employee, organization, or corporation would donate the final hour of their pay to projects that would uplift the lives of underserved children.

The idea grew and went global, with US-based International Youth Foundation as its pioneer. This coming together of the whole world brought positive change to many children.

2003: Foundation of Children's Hour in the Philippines

Top Philippine businessman Jaime Augusto Zobel de Ayala was a board member of US-based International Youth Foundation, a pioneer organization of The Children's Promise campaign.

He then brought the campaign back home in the Philippines. Thus, Children's Hour Philippines was born.

Several leading businessmen and socially committed individuals worked together to raise funds for meaningful and sustainable programs for children.

2019: 20th One Hour campaign year

The Children's Hour started as a global campaign and was warmly supported in the Philippines.

Our foundation is Filipino-led and a Philippine-based non-profit organization who understands its own kapwa—the Filipino people. As kapwa Filipinos, we share the same traits, values, culture, heritage, and love for our country. This creates a stronger bond to both our donor- and partner-relations.

We have continuously gathered champions who share the same mission. We do this through the One Hour Campaign which shows how the power of your one hour can help uplift a child’s life and bring a smile on their face. This 2019, we are celebrating the 20th Anniversary of the One Hour Campaign.

Children's Hour today

Children's Hour has grown and changed through the years. What has remained constant is our commitment to uplift the lives of our little ones in need. This has been possible through the steadfast and loyal support of our donors, volunteers, and friends.

Our Vision

Our vision is to give the Filipino child the basic right to enjoy a happy, safe, and fulfilling future.

Our Mission

Our mission is to generate funds and friends nationwide by asking individuals, employees, companies, and organizations to donate at least one hour of their annual salary or earnings once a year, and to share their time and talent.

We believe anyone and everyone can make the world a better place for children – all it takes is ONE HOUR.

Your donations help sustain our projects in education, health & nutrition, and child welfare & development. Together, we create a lasting impact in the lives of disadvantaged Filipino children nationwide.

What we do

As a fund raising, fund giving, and friends raising organization, we give our support to projects championing children's rights. Together with all our friends, donors, and volunteers, we give children the chance to aim high and achieve their dreams!

Fund raising

We invite individuals, employees, organizations, and corporations to donate at least ONE HOUR's worth of their salaries or earnings once a year.

Help us reach out to more people who believe that every Filipino child in need is worth investing in—that each peso raised for them will bring lasting improvements in their lives. It takes one to inspire another; so we urge you, in your own respective companies, organizations, teams, circle of friends, or even within your family members—encourage them to donate at least an hour's worth of their salary once a year.

With your gifts, we are able to provide assistance to our partner organizations who believe in the same vision, and mission that we do: To create a happy, safe, and fulfilling future to all Filipino children, especially those who are in need.

Together, with your help, we can make lasting improvements in the lives of

underprivileged Filipino children!

Learn more about how you can uplift the lives of our little children in need.

Fund giving

As a local resource agency, we help smaller non-profit organizations who lack financial capacities in implementing their own projects. We provide capacity-building opportunities and financial grants to deserving organizations who aim to provide long-term results and impact in the lives of the Filipino children in need nationwide.

We give financial grants to child-caring organizations who implement projects that directly support the Filipino children in need in terms of education, health & nutrition, and child welfare & development.

We consistently look for partners who can help create lasting and sustainable improvements to the lives of the many Filipino children in need.

Learn more details and know the requirements on how you can be a partner of Children’s Hour.

Friends raising

We provide opportunities for everyone to help Filipino children in need through volunteer activities. It is our way of promoting the essence of volunteerism and sense of social responsibility by engaging employees, groups, and individuals in meaningful immersion activities at our various project sites nationwide.

Our friends raising events are mainly volunteer activities initiated by corporations and donors who want to engage their employees through a meaningful activity with our children.

Although we primarily provides= friends raising and volunteering opportunities to companies and organizations’ [usually as an avenue for their Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) initiatives], we also want to reach out to individuals like you who are highly interested to join our cause and help us in our mission in creating a happy, safe, and fulfilling future for the Filipino children we serve.

Learn more about how to engage with us through volunteering and friends raising.

Champions for children

Here's a look of what we've achieved through the collaborative effort of our Children's Hour Champions for Filipino children nationwide.

17 regions reached nationwide

We've reached out to the marginalized and neglected, making children's rights accessible for every child beneficiary we serve. We give special attention to communities who are often overlooked and are living in off-grid areas, extending a helping hand to give their children better lives. We've provided them safer learning spaces, life-changing medical operations, and opportunities for them to grow in nurturing environments.

We are proud to share with you that we've provided community development interventions in all 17 regions nationwide, focusing on children's advocacy and needs in terms of education, health & nutrition, and child welfare & development.

The Filipino spirit of Bayanihan is strongly felt with our partner communities and foundations. The good work that we continuously do will not be possible without the support and hard work of the local leaders, teachers, and families who actively take part in providing for the children in their communities. It truly takes a village to raise a child.

208 classrooms built

The school is said to be a child's second home. Children spend a good part of their development in the classroom with the guidance of their teachers.

Unfortunately, there has been a shortage of classrooms in the Philippines. Students have to endure classes in cramped and worn-out classrooms. Some even have to make do with makeshift classrooms, which are exposed to distractions and harsh environments.

In response to this, we've worked together with various groups, companies, and organizations to provide students and communities with safe and conducive learning spaces.

To date, we have built over 200 classrooms nationwide! Our classrooms are in accordance with the Department of Education's standard required dimensions, complete with classroom facilities such as:

  • 50 armchairs (45 for right-handed pupils and 5 for left-handed pupils);

  • a curved blackboard to help aid the students' view during class lessons;

  • an insulated ceiling which acts as a barrier to heat flow and provides better circulation of the temperature inside the classroom;

  • a teacher's desk;

  • electric fans and lights;

  • tiled restrooms; and

  • a ramp with railings in accordance with the Philippines' accessibility law.

Children are now more excited to go to school and to learn! Parents are assured that their children are safe and cared for.

1.4 million uplifted lives

What started out as a simple campaign to donate just one hour of each participant's annual salary or earnings has evolved into a movement which has made a definite impact to Filipino children.

We've reached out to more than 1.4 million children since this journey began. We have learned so much from our various stakeholders throughout the years and we have carried these lessons to heart so we can serve and achieve more things together for the benefit of our little ones.

Our mission to provide equal opportunities to disadvantaged Filipino children and to help them achieve their aspirations and dreams drive us to do more!

The stories we've heard strongly reflect the Filipinos' enduring spirit—how we rise above adversities and continuously persevere through the difficult times—have all inspired us to keep doing what we do.

We hope you will join us in this journey as Children's Hour Champions. Together, let us continue to make a difference!