Children’s Hour Philippines Foundation celebrates 20th year of the One Hour Campaign

Updated: Dec 9, 2020

MAKATI CITY, Philippines, 12 March 2019 — Children’s Hour Philippines Foundation holds their Annual Benefit Lunch and 20th Year of the One Hour Campaign entitled, “Ningning at Liwanag” at Fairmont Makati today, with co-presenters Cebu Landmasters, Management Association of the Philippines (MAP), Numen Creatives, and Le Chef by Billy King.

This annual gathering is the biggest fundraising event of Children’s Hour to help sustain the Foundation’s projects in education, health, and child welfare and development, for the benefit of disadvantaged children nationwide. Children’s Hour gathers their donors, supporters, and beneficiaries so that they celebrate together the foundation’s milestones and achievements.

This year’s theme, “Ningning at Liwanag” is inspired by the three stars and a sun in our flag that celebrates the Filipino spirit—Filipinos who are wholeheartedly supporting their kapwa Filipino and are hungry to make a difference for their country.

Joyce Pring and Atom Ungson host Ningning at Liwanag.

“Like little lights, we already shine on our own, tayo ay nag-niningning [we glimmer]. But when these little sparks from each individual are shared and brought together as one, we produce an immense radiant light for others, ang ating ningning ay nagiging liwanag! [that glimmer grows and gleams even brighter!]” shares Ms. Patricia Mendoza, Senior Marketing & Communications Associate of Children’s Hour.

“Today’s benefit luncheon is extra-special for Children’s Hour, because, this year we celebrate 20 years of the One Hour Campaign,” explains Ms. Emily Abrera, Chair of Children’s Hour. In 1999, Jaime Augusto Zobel de Ayala brought from the United Kingdom to the Philippines the Children’s Promise Campaign—to encourage Filipinos to devote their last working hour of the millennium towards a positive and relevant cause for children.

Twenty years later, today, Children’s Hour stands strong as a reliable partner who has helped more than 1.3 million Filipino children and youth nationwide. Today Children’s Hour celebrates with those who have made it possible for them to provide happy, safe and fulfilling lives for underprivileged Filipino children.

Children's Hour Chair Ms. Emily Abrera welcomes guests to the Children's Hour Annual Benefit Lunch which celebrates 20 years of the One Hour Campaign.

Ningning at Liwanag showcases the organization’s vision for the 20th year of the One Hour Campaign, the foundation’s flagship fund raising campaign, to empower and encourage more individuals to make a difference by sharing what lights up their hearts, and to become the light that will spark others’ lights to pave a brighter future for the children of our tomorrow.

“I hope that this annual gathering of friends, of Children’s Hour Champions, will encourage more people to spread their light and help others shine, and eventually become more active, more engaged individuals who will want to make the world a better place for our Filipino children,” adds Geenette Garcia, Executive Director of Children’s Hour.

Friends championing this meaningful celebration

The Annual Benefit Lunch: Ningning at Liwanag has been made possible by Children’s Hour’s generous friends and partners.

It is the foundation’s fourth year to celebrate this event at Raffles and Fairmont Makati, whose employees have generously supported Children’s Hour as champions.

Chef Billy King joined Children’s Hour again, descending from The Manor in Baguio City, to treat the guests to his unique brand of culinary art.

Special performances by Virlanie Choir and LPP Tron Dancers also shared their gifts in music and dance. Their amazing performances lightened up the stage and kept everyone delighted the whole afternoon.

The guests also pledged their support to the Filipino children to strengthen their commitment in bringing hope to lives of children. They held up tea lights, symbolizing their own personal lights, and made a declaration to be the light of the world, in their own little ways—in their homes, at work, and in their communities, most especially to the Filipino children.

Children's Hour Champions hold up their tea lights as they pledge their support to Filipino children.

One of the Philippines’ most celebrated aspirant from The Voice Teens, Chloe Redondo, wrapped-up the afternoon celebration as she serenaded the guests’ with the song, “Patuloy Ang Pangarap,” by Angeline Quinto; and a finale repertoire of “A Million Dreams” from the movie, The Greatest Showman, together with the Children’s Hour beneficiaries, that captivated hearts and brought more love and light in everyone.

One Hour Campaign Champions

Part of this celebration is the recognition of their corporate donors who have given unwavering support to their foundation and have shown remarkable initiative, creativity, and consistency in raising funds and encouraging participation among their employees in order to support Children’s Hour projects.

Alaska Milk Corporation, Golden ABC, and The SSI Group were the recipients of the One Hour Pioneer Champions Award in honor of the companies that supported the One Hour Campaign through the years and have helped make a positive difference in the lives of thousands of disadvantaged Filipino children. Ayala Corporation also received the One Hour Champion Special Citation Award for the company that engaged the most subsidiaries to the One Hour Campaign over the years. Ayala Corporation was able to engage Ayala Land, Inc., Ayala Property Management Corporation, AC Automotive Business Services, BPI Foundation, Integrated Microelectronics, Inc., Makati Development Corporation, and Manila Water, among others.

Special trophy awarded to the champions

To make this year’s event even more special, the Foundation commissioned one-of-a-kind art pieces from House of Ithaca’s visionary artist, Mr. Nathan Libarios Rondina.

Rondina especially designed and donated his art pieces: “Eternal Blooms: to give us to live for eternity” (2019), and “Verdant Flows” (2019) to Children’s Hour Philippines Foundation.

Awardees received commissioned art pieces from Mr. Nathan Libarios Rondina of House of Ithaca.

The artist’s assemblage of this art piece is made from upcycled ceramics, scavenged from ukay shops, surplus stores, garage sales, and thrift houses. These orphaned pieces are then repurposed into one-of-a-kind tabletop decorative totems.

Children’s Hour draws inspiration from this art piece as it reflects the story of most of its child-beneficiaries. Like the children that they serve, these rare and unique pieces, coming from different places, with various backgrounds and stories, are made new with the loving hands and positive affirmation of others. Although chipped and broken, these various individual pieces become more beautiful than ever and are granted with a new, hopeful purpose.

Children’s Hour Philippines Foundation, Inc. is a fund raising, fund giving an friends raising organization that supports projects on education, health & nutrition, and child welfare & development for disadvantaged Filipino children. The organization is able to support their projects by asking individuals, employees, corporations, and other organization to donate at least ONE HOUR of their annual salary or earnings once a year.

For more information about Children’s Hour, or if you’d like to make a donation to one of their projects, you may visit You may also contact them at +632.893.2236 or email them at

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