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The project provides alternative home care, education, and pastoral support to address the holistic needs of children in need of special protection.

CARE Project

Children in need of special protection are given quality nurture as provided by their foster families. This will help in their development will assure better future for them. 

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Pro-CHILD SocSarGen

The project aims to transform the lives of children at-risk and children in conflict with the law into productive citizens through skills trainings and employment.

Babies and Toddlers Home

The project provides holistic care for children 0-3 years old that provides art classes and play sessions for their developmental and social needs.

HTO House

The project provides care, protection and psychosocial development to abandoned children in Zamboanga.

Strengthening Children’s Awareness and Participation

The project strengthens and empowers children’s knowledge and awareness about their rights and responsibilities in their community.

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