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Let's make a resolution to uplift the lives of 500 children this new year!

KAON sa Bagong Taon is a Children's Hour campaign that aims to share the gift of serving delicious and healthy meals to our little ones at the start of the year to kick-off their healthier lifestyle this 2020!

Your support today can help the future of 500 children.

Make a difference today!



We invite individuals, employees, organizations, and corporations to donate at least ONE HOUR's worth of their salaries or earnings once a year.


Be a Partner

We give grants to deserving projects that focus on education, health and nutrition, and child welfare and development.



We provide opportunities for everyone to help Filipino children in need through volunteer activities.

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can help strengthen a child's participation in class with one nutritious meal


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can give a child the right and access to having a name through a birth certificate


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can support 1 session of speech or occupational therapy of a SPED student


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can give 1 therapeutic session
for a child in need of special protection 


Your One Hour can make a difference

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Be a CHampion today
Never underestimate the difference you can make in the lives of others